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Top 5 Winter Central Coast Activities

Like the title to the next National Lampoons holiday classic, we are in for another round of closures. Some of us may want to sweep this year under the rug but, why not treat this second lockdown as another near-cation opportunity. Here are our recommendations for 5 awesome near-cation activities to do on the Central Coast.

#1 Cruise on Highway 1

Highway 1 during this time of year has a lot of sunshine and wildlife. The coast is simply amazing to check out all the small towns on the coast. We recommend finding a place to stay in Cayucos, Cambria or Morro Bay. Then, let the adventure begin. Head north to check out the Elephant seals around San Simeon or head south to take in the beauty of Morro Rock maybe even rent an electric bike for exploring.

#2 Electric Bike around Wine Country

One of the best parts about this time of year is how green things get and how great the weather can be. Rent one of our electric bikes and hit the back roads of Paso Robles. The wineries are all still open and looking for any customer they can get. Experience the easy life and take a ride!

#3 Horseback ride in Oceano

Going for a horseback ride on the beach is something you see in the movies and something you can do locally with ease. The Pacific Dunes RV Resort not only allows you to stay there, but they offer a lot of different amenities including horseback riding. This is an experience you won't forget and allows you to get socially close with some amazing animals.

#4 Kayak in Pismo Beach

There is nothing like paddling out on the ocean and looking back at the land. Especially, here on the central coast, a shore strewn with hidden beaches, sea caves and rocky cliffs. Taking a tour with Central Coast Kayaks is one of the best ways to accomplish a sea based adventure.

#5 Hike in Harmony

One of our favorite places to hike is near the little town of Harmony. The Harmony headlands are an easy way to forget the last year and just soak in nature. The trail winds out to the coast with amazing views of waves hitting the rocks below.

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