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Top 5 Paso Robles Bike Rides - #3 North County History Loop

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

If you find yourself on this page looking for some great cycling routes with less vehicle traffic in Paso Robles, you’re in the right spot! We have some amazing back roads to bike and experience the Central Coast. Rent an electric bike from us or ride your own, I will be publishing a series of my top 5 local rides. This is Ride # 3

My third ride recommendation is the North County History Loop.

North County History Loop

This route is on the north east side of Paso Robles with lots of amazing views, rolling vineyards and livestock pastures. This part of North County allows you to see for miles and miles.

Mileage: 32.7 miles / 52.62 kilometers

Description: Sun drenched rolling Vineyards with historical points of interest and museums

Road Type: Paved

Elevation Gain: Gradual gain of 571 ft elevation

Bike Types: Road / Electric Bike

Seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring

Tips for the Day:

  • Bring layers and gloves (depending on the season)

  • Sunscreen!!!

  • Think about bringing lunch on your ride by picking up sandwiches or salads from Red Scooter Deli (Local tip: order online ahead of time) or eat at Taco Mafia in San Miguel

  • Google has offline maps that you can download so you can always know where you are


9:00 AM

Start off with a cup of coffee from Joebella Coffee or AMSTRDM. Head out of town on 13th st. After crossing the bridge take a left onto Union rd. Then another left on River Rd. You’ll be on River Rd for a mile till you come to a T-intersection with River Oaks Dr. Take a right on River Oaks Dr. with a quick burner of a hill. You will ride by a an elementary school and through a suburb of Paso until you come to a four way stop with Buena Vista Dr. Take a left on Buena Vista Dr. you will hit a couple 90 degree turns and then pass Cali Paso Hotel. After a couple more 90 degree turns you will T into Airport Rd. Take a left for a half mile to get to Estrella Adobe Church.

9:30 AM

Head south on airport rd. If you didn’t have coffee earlier or want a fun stop for a quick bite swing by the airport to Joe's One-Niner Diner. Afterwards head back on Airport rd. then take a left on Dry Creek rd. to find one of our best kept secrets of a museum known as the Estrella Warbirds Museum(Open Thur-Sun 10:00 - 4:00 PM). They have an amazing collection of retired military aircraft and vehicles plus a private car collection in conjunction with the museum. Once a month you can even ride in one of the restored aircraft!!!!

11:00 AM

Hit the road and start heading towards San Miguel. Head east on Dry Creek road until you come to the intersection with Jardin Rd. Take a left on Jardine and follow it north until it turners into Estrella road headed west. Along the way if you want to taste some wine check out Graveyard or Riverstar Vineyards. Estrella Rd. will T intersect with N. River Rd. Take this all the way into the town of San Miguel. Depending on how hungry you are head to Taco Mafia once River Rd turns into 14th st. it will be on the left at 14th and L st.

12:30 PM

After a great lunch jump back on your bike for a quick ride to down Mission st to check out Mission San Miguel established in 1797 or check out the other hidden gem the Rios Caledonia Adobe(Open Fri-Sun 12:00-3:00 pm). Both are great places to explore and understand a bygone era.

2:00 PM

Once you wrap up visiting San Miguel for its history retrace your route back to River Rd. You will take this all the back into Paso. Along the way if you are interested in another wine stop check out Locatelli or Hearst Winery.

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