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The most unique Paso Robles wine tours

If you're like me, you want to find the most interesting way to explore an area. The Central Coast is no exception to the rule, especially when it comes to taking a wine tour. For the 280 wineries in Paso Robles, there are over 40 different tour companies to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique wine tour options in Paso.

By Foot

People have been walking to places to drink wine for over 8000 years! Downtown Paso Robles has a lot of different options when it comes to wine tasting. In fact, in our small Downtown District alone, there are about 30 different wineries. On the days we are not touring or chasing our kids around, we love to visit Hayseed and Housden. Not only is it in the up and coming Railroad District, 50% of the proceeds from the wine go to local nonprofits!

By Bike

There is nothing like taking a bike ride through wine country! Between the sleepy country roads, the scenic hills studded with oak trees, and rolling vineyards, your stress will fade away with each pedal stroke. Reach out to us for great bike routes, as well as wine tours with our fleet of electric bikes. Remember, we come to you and deliver electric bike rentals to your door!

By Jeep

One of the funnest ways to tour Paso Robles Wine Country is in an open air Jeep. Our friend, Sal, owns Central Coast Jeep Adventures and takes people to remote wineries in vintage, open-air, orange Jeep scramblers. Sal’s been doing this for years, and it’s the perfect option for a small group—or rent his fleet out for a wine tour convoy.

By Horse

Many people do not know that Paso and the surrounding area has been the backdrop for many Western films. In fact, John Wayne used to stay at the Paso Robles Inn when he was in town filming. One of the coolest local horse tour companies is Central Coast Trail Rides. They have several agreements with local wineries to allow you to ride through the vineyards and do some tasting.

By Helicopter

Now, I know what you're thinking—by helicopter?! That is just silly, but in all seriousness there is no better way to get from winery to winery in 2 minutes. While I know this is not the cheapest way to get around, it sure is something you and your friends will always remember. Paso Air Tours gets the job done with class. The best part is with us being so close to the ocean is you can cruise up the Big Sur Coastline and taste some of the best Rhone wines from the seat of your own private helicopter.

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