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The best Bachelorette Party in Paso Robles

Now, I can’t say that I have ever been a bridesmaid or a bride for that matter, but I have planned and chauffeured my fair share of bachelorette parties. The key to a successful bachelorette party is the right mix of fun, adventure and silliness. While this blog is not going to suit everyone for what to do, it can be a great starter for a maid of honor planning a Bachelorette Party in Paso Robles..

Let’s be real, the last couple years have been a roller coaster and why not start the fun with an extra day or two! Everyone can work remotely these days so coming into Paso on Wednesday night or early Thursday may be just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday — Set Cruise Control

3:00 PM Arrive at your digs (ex. Red House, Stowell House, The Olio, Windwood Ranch)

4:00 PM Happy Hour with the Paso Robles Wine Merchant

5:00 PM Order takeout to bring back to the house, catch up and take it easy

Thursday — Day on The Coast

9:00 AM Head to the coast

9:30 AM Grab breakfast in the seaside hamlet of Cambria at Hidden Kitchen

11:00 AM Head back to Paso for the rest of the crew to show

12:00 PM Lunch at Odyssey World Cafe (flavors from the world over)

1:00 PM Downtown wine tasting, shopping at Hayseed and Housdon, Indigené Cellars

or Paso Robles General Store

3:00 PM Head home to freshen up

4:00 PM Happy Hour at Tetto Rooftop Bar for amazing views of all of Paso

5:00 PM Dinner at The Hatch

7:00 PM Visit the Sensorio Field of Light while it is still in town

Friday — Soar, Explore, Dance Floor

8:00 AM Lite breakfast Andrea’s on Pine

9:00 AM Transportation pick up with Toast Tours 9:30 AM Ziplining at Margarita Adventures

11:30 AM Wine Tasting and lunch at Ancient Peaks

1:30 PM Wine, Beer, Cider and Sheep's Milk Ice Cream tasting in the Tin City

5:00 PM Dinner at Fish Gacho

7:00 PM Dancing at Pine Street Saloon

Saturday — Relax and Ride

9:30 AM Someone grabs breakfast from Joe’s Place or Springside

11:00 AM Electric bike (Provided and delivered by us) to J Dusi Winery

12:30 PM Lunch and Tasting at Niner

2:00 PM Split Tastings at Tasting Treanna

3:30 PM Cruise the backroads back into Paso

4:30 PM Return to your Airbnb for Happy Hour and Dinner by a Private Chef

Sunday — Detox

8:00 AM Pack it up

9:00 AM Hit the hotsprings before you go River Oak Hot Springs

See Ya Next Time!!!!!

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